Friday, July 10, 2009

Casting Call

Looking for girls who would like to act as models in our first modesty photoshoot.

Date: TBA
Time: TBA (Probably in the afternoon, sometime before the 26th)
Place: My house
Theme(s): Against the Grain
Current Models:

Friday, June 26, 2009

S. 909 (Matthew Shepherd Act/Hate Crimes Legislation)

While I realize this doesn't have anything to do with modesty, I consider it important enough that it needs to be posted.

S. 909 is currently being debated by the Senate Judiciary Committee, having already passed in the House. I would strongly recommend calling our representatives and urging them to vote against this bill. If this passes, it could lead to prosecution of Christians. The bill is named for Matthew Shepherd, a young man who was killed in Kansas. He was a homosexual, and was murdered because of it. His murderers were apprehended, and each of them were sentenced to life in prison, without the possibility of parole, which is the maximum sentence for Kansas. Kansas does not have a "hate crimes" law, and yet the killers were still sentenced to the maximum penalty. However, the liberal media continues to portray it as though they were let off with a slap on the wrist, and S. 909 is needed to stop this. They also claim that there are huge numbers of homosexuals fleeing their homes and crossing state lines to escape persecution. If S. 909 is passed, it will give stronger sentences to criminals who kill homosexuals than criminals who kill someone else. It would also open the door to fining and/or arresting pastors or anyone else who condemns homosexuality as a sin.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Start-Up & First Post

Hello Everyone!
My name is Elizabeth Doll, and I'll be one of your two administrators. I've done all of the design side of this website, so if you have any technical problems, please let me know! This blog was inspired partly by Alex and Brett Harris' book, "Do Hard Things", and also by Reagan's Facebook group on modesty. Since we had such an insightful discussion on this during small group time at youth group, I figured it couldn't hurt to have an outside place to discuss things. For right now, Reagan and I are the admins... even if Reagan doesn't know it yet! If this place attracts enough members *crosses fingers* I'll look at adding more mods/admins. I may post news stories relating to modesty, and ask for opinions. I might include also include a poll, or, with summer coming up, pictures! You can e-mail me at: if you would like to be a model for modesty. For right now I'll just ask a few questions.

1. What would you like to see from a website like mine?

2. Would you enjoy a forum or live chat?

3. Would you mind politically minded articles?

4. Would you enjoy a scheduled day of fun for all the members to get together?

Until next time,
Elizabeth (Admin)